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For Kathleen...
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I had to complete my toughest t-shirt assignment/order last night. 10 shirts for a band called "Vannadine." I was contacted earlier in the week to have the designs up, and agreed to make the shirts friday night, and have them by Saturday morning.

From Nine at night, to Four in the morning, I made it...

My girlfriend and I broke up because of my lack of "physical attraction" last Sunday. Though that phone call was the end of our friendlationship, I can tell it's going to be the start of a crappy ordeal with her.

Though this week has been eventful, it's been so amazing. I'm glad I found out what kind of person I was dating, and I'm glad it's over. I'm glad I'm talking to a new girl that makes me happy. I'm glad I'm actually growing my mustache.

A song that has been on repeat for me is Sufjan Steven's "A loverless bed (without remission)" if you want to listen to it, please download it below!

This has been my life in the past weeks.
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